Buy a Top-Of-The-Line Suzuki Outboard Motor Today

Buy a Top-Of-The-Line Suzuki Outboard Motor Today

See how much more powerful your boat can be

Columbia Marine Center is now an authorized Suzuki Marine motors dealer. We sell, repair and service Suzuki outboard motors.

If you're looking for a boat motor that doesn't sacrifice power for fuel efficiency, purchase one of our Suzuki outboard motors.

Do you need your Suzuki outboard motor repaired? Our boat mechanics are certified to run diagnostic tests on old and new Suzuki boat motors. We'll find the source of your outboard motor issue and fix it in a timely manner.

Come by our store today to find the Suzuki outboard motor of your dreams.

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5 reasons to buy a Suzuki marine outboard motor

Columbia Marine Center sells a variety of Suzuki Marine outboard motors in Pasco, WA.

You want a Suzuki outboard motor because they:

  1. Incorporate a Lean Burn Control System that makes our 4-stroke outboards more economical and fuel efficient than other outboard motor brands
  2. Have an offset driveshaft that helps to evenly distribute weight by reducing the size of the outboard motor
  3. Use maintenance-free timing chains that don't require belt adjustments or maintenance
  4. Have a precision control system that makes operation easy
  5. Have a Suzuki Troll Mode System that gives boaters control over engine speed at low revolutions

Call us today to discuss your Suzuki Marine outboard motor needs.